Art Nouveau Aqua Fire Opal Bracelet
Art Nouveau Aqua Fire Opal Bracelet

Art Nouveau Aqua Fire Opal Bracelet

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This exquisite Art Nouveau Aqua Fire Opal Bracelet is a must-have for any jewelry lover. 

The beautiful aqua color of the opal is reminiscent of the calming waters of the ocean, while the texture of the cabochon resembles the scales of a dragon's skin. 

This unique combination gives the bracelet a mystical and enchanting feel. 

The setting of this bracelet is intricately designed with delicate floral details, adding a touch of femininity to the piece. 

The cabochon size is 3/4" x 1/2", making it the perfect size to make a statement without being too overwhelming. 

The bracelet is elegantly finished with a pearl clasp, adding a timeless and classic touch. 

With a comfortable fit for 7 1/2" wrists, this bracelet is perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. 

The oxidized finish adds a vintage charm to the piece, making it a unique addition to any jewelry collection. 

Please note that as with any vintage cabochon, there may be natural inclusions within the stone. 

However, this is a vintage glass cabochon and not the gemstone itself. 

Indulge in the beauty of this Art Nouveau Aqua Fire Opal Bracelet and add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Don't miss the opportunity to make this exquisite piece yours.