Mako Mermaids H2O Seabiscuit Barrette Hair Clip
Mako Mermaids H2O Seabiscuit Barrette Hair Clip

Mako Mermaids H2O Seabiscuit Barrette Hair Clip

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Mako Mermaids H2O Just Add Water Aqua Glitter Seabiscuit Mermaid Barrette Hair Clip

Aqua moon pool glitter surrounds this natural sea biscuit, like the ones the mermaids wear

Seabiscuit is bleached by the sun, giving it a bright white look

Size: 3" or 76mm in length

Seabiscuit Width: 1 1/4" or 29mm

French style barrette width: 3/8" or 8mm

Each barrette is handmade, making each one unique

Sea Biscuits are fragile and should be handled with care. They are a species of sea urchins

Would make an excellent gift for your little mermaid

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