Outlander Charm Bracelet Dragonfly in Amber Charm Bracelet 41 Charms

$ 40.00

Scottish Outlander Charm Bracelet Dragonfly in Amber Charm Bracelet

This is a fun mixture of silver plate and antique bronze 41 charms


Sword, snake, boy/girl charm, dragonfly, leaf, initial C, family tree, bible, quill, Fraser letter, spectacles, sea turtle, hairbrush, oil lantern, wolf, car, tea cup, deck of cards, parasol, surgical scissors, goblet, horse, ax, apothecary balance, bear charm, snowflake, stag (deer), cask of whiskey, water bucket, ship, pelican, train, broadsword, house, needle, strawberry, pig, celtic knot, shovel and mushroom.

41 charms in all 

Charm bracelet measures 7 1/2" with the chain being a double link chain

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