Warehouse 13 Ultimate Artifact Charm Bracelet 42 Artifact Charms

$ 37.00

This is the Ultimate in Warehouse 13 Charm Bracelet

I have fallen in love with this show............Pete, Myka, Artie and Claudia are awesome......sorry to see it go....

This is a fun mix of tibetan silver and bronze charms, 42 charms in all

Pen and notebook, disco ball and record, scarab, running shoe, paint palette, purple crystal purple goo, movie camera, initials SD, football, mirror, computer, glasses, boxing shorts, dagger, handcuffs, 4 elements, chair, crossbow, cleaver, walking stick, trident, typewriter, grenade, hair comb, gold coin, electric bulb, thimble, purple goo, camera, guitar, binoculars, hairbrush, clock, musical note, tea kettle, lock and key, trumpet, number 13 and a pair of gloves 

Silver and bronze charms may vary, depending on availability. You may get a bronze mirror versus a silver mirror

Size 7 1/2"

To find your size, measure around your wrist and add 1" for a true charm bracelet

Comes in a gift box, ready for gift-giving

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