50 Fifty Shades of Grey Firsts Christian Grey Anna Birthday Charm Bracelet

$ 20.00

For Ana's first birthday Christian gives her a beautiful charm bracelet and I have captured his love for her in this charm bracelet. It represents all their firsts

(courtesy of 50 shades freed)

Unwrapping the paper carefully.....................I open the box to discover a delicate charm bracelet..........Attached to it are several charms: the Eiffel Tower, a London black cab; a helicopter - Charlie Tango; a glider - the soaring, a catamaran - The Grace; a bed; and an ice cream cone? I look up at him bemused. "Vanilla?"..............My favorite is the heart. It's a locket..........I fondle the last two charms: a letter C and finally there's a key. "To my heart and soul," he whispers.

This charm bracelet is a remembrance of "Firsts"

The Charms:

Bed, Eiffel Tower, catamaran, ice cream Cone, a open scroll heart, Initial C, glider, a key, helicopter charm, London cab 

Fits wrists 7" 

To find your size for a traditional charm bracelet, measure around your wrist and add 1"

Comes in a gift box, ready for gift-giving

Our main goal is to have the opportunity to complete this online transaction for all parties to be satisfied.

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