Glow In The Dark Pentagram Charm Bracelet ~ Glowing Charm Bracelet Bright Aqua Glow

$ 14.00

This glow in the dark Pentagram charm bracelet is a unique piece that glows a bright aqua when charged

During the daytime, the inside of the charm is white but when charged, will change to bright aqua. Depending on the charge, it can glow for hours as can be seen in the picture

Using my own extraordinary blend, I offer the brightest luminous glow pieces on the market today. I only use materials made in the USA and are100% non-toxic and safe. My blend is a result for a longer duration of glow time with many years of enjoyment. Can be charged using a florescent bulb, UV light for a soft glow but sunlight is the best for those longer glows. Complete charging instructions will be sent along with a FREE UV key chain for instant charging within the US. International custom agencies will not allow batteries into their country

The setting measures 1 1/2" from the bale
Charm bracelet measures 7 1/2". This figaro chain lays flat for the perfect fit. It is heavy duty for every day wear
Each bracelet is handmade, making each one unique

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