Puruvian Amazon Beauty Spotted Baeotus Japetus Fore-Wing Real Butterfly Wing Necklace

$ 20.00

Amazon Beauty Spotted Baeotus Japetus Fore-wing Real Butterfly Wing Necklace (F2)

Amazon Beauty hangs on a gray leather cord with 2 tibetan beads

Colors: cream, black, gold, hint of blue with black brown veining

Measurements: 2 1/4" including bale

Length: leather gray cord, measures 20"

Wing  is covered in heavy resin. Glare will not be on the butterfly, it is a reflection off my camera

Butterflies are a powerful representations of life. All over the world, we associate the butterfly with our soul, endurance, change, hope, transformation and resurrection

No butterflies were harmed, they lived out their natural lifespan

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